Daredevil #611

Marvel Comics

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Phil Noto

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Man Without Fear is going to have to put that title to the test in this new issue.

After the death of Kingpin’s closest confidant, Matt Murdock is fully aware that the mayor of New York is going to come after him. As he tries to distance himself from the investigation he’s leading into Fisk’s election and everyone he cares about, the target on his back as Daredevil gets bigger when he’s attacked by multiple Stilt-Men in Hell’s Kitchen. Fighting them off proves to be harder than he thought considering his injuries from the truck accident and Matt decides to make a strategic decision in order to minimize any damage to civilians and property.

Unfortunately, the nobility of his decision might be the worst mistake he could make.

Daredevil finds himself herded into another location and surrounded by hired guns including Typhoid Mary, Klaw, Electro and others. It’s going to take every trick and strategy Matt has to escape from this particular trap and his run in with one of his greatest foes leads to help from an unexpected ally.

Soule is continuing to make things both interesting and difficult for Matt Murdock and that struggle is producing some great intensity in this series. I thought that the group of mercenaries brought in to take Daredevil down was interesting as well, but my initial thought was why a certain character was not part of the group. Thankfully, Soule anticipated that and delivered on the reveal in a satisfying way that added an additional layer of tension to the story. The inevitable confrontation between Daredevil and Fisk is going to be explosive if this arc continues on this trajectory and I will be eager to see how it resolves.

Phil Noto’s art is very dreamlike in this issue and it helps to highlight how different things are for Matt after his accident. Very well done action beats, especially the reveals at the end.

Daredevil #611




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