HOWSP_Cv2House of Whispers #2

DC Comics/Vertigo

Written by Nalo Hopkinson

Art by Dominike “DOMO” Stanton

The rift in the Dreaming has pulled in Erzulie, Uncle Monday and her home through the rift and deposited the boat next to Cain and Abel’s home. As she tries to determine what has happened to her, she realizes that the effects of her time in he Dreaming are becoming immediate. She cannot taste anything and she is starting to feel something she’s never experienced before, pain. Unable to access the world through her usual means, she and Monday decide to escape before the disconnection to their worshippers makes them weaker.


In the real world, Toya’s family is holding their vigil at the hospital when she suddenly wakes up. As Erzulie’s followers attempt to reach her and the goddess herself attempts to escape, something strange begins to affect the young woman when she returns home. Something that releases a new entity into the land of the Dreaming.

The second issue of this series adds some additional mystery to the story as it reveals more about the characters involved. The connection to the Dreaming and what significance it has to the characters is one that I want to see explored and it looks like Hopkinson has an interesting story brewing that is going to be very ethereal and character driven. I found myself connecting with the tone of this issue and I really want to know where this story is going next.

Stanton’s art is amazing. Every panel is full of rich details and the art helps move the story along really well. The art does a great job of keeping the pace of the story moving.

House of Whispers #2




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