Home Sick Pilots #3

Image Comics

Written by Dan Watters

Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Buzz is determined to find Ami as more people start asking questions about the disappearances.

Ami decides to take a break from finding the missing pieces the house requires to reminisce about her time in the band while visiting Buzz. The next day, the police start to ask questions about the missing Ami as well a the members of the rival band. Questions that send Buzz out looking for Rip. After trying to talk to his friend, Buzz decides that he has to find Ami on his own.

Buzz returns to the house and notices that things are different. There are new items in the house. Items that have their own energy, their own stories and their own evil intentions. As he searches the house, the house watches him and Ami runs into some unexpected trouble on her latest mission. Trouble that will prompt the house to act by going after Buzz.

The Story: Watters continues to build a compelling and interesting world with this series and this issue does a great job of keeping the characters at the forefront. The dialogue is great and the contrast between Ami and Buzz’s plots is engaging. There are some great scary moments throughout and the mythology of the house is engaging as a reader.

The Art: Wijngaard does an amazing job with the art in the issue. There are so many great details to be found in the panels and in the characters themselves. Each moment of the story is framed perfectly and does an awesome job of building on the stories tension and terror.

Home Sick Pilots #3



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