Home Sick Pilots #11

Image Comics

Written by Dan Watters

Art by Caspar Wijngaard

Colors by Caspar Wijngaard

Letters by Aditya Bidikar

The Rundown: Ami and Meg go to war, but their battle will spill over if the Home Sick Pilots can’t find a way to end it.

The battle is about to begin and Ami decides that the safest place that she can put her friends is within the house itself. As they search for Ami, the James House takes on the Nuclear Bastard in full view of everyone. She also explains what every ghosts function within the house is, how they make it move and more importantly, fight.

Unfortunately, the Nuclear Bastard is powered by ghosts as well and a lot of them. Ghosts who have their own pain fueling the giant mech. Ghosts under the command of Meg who is still in pain herself. When Ami realizes that Meg is no longer in control and the energy wants more, she sends her friends on a dangerous mission to find a ghost that could possibly end the conflict before more people get hurt.

The Story: Watters delivers a great adventure in this issue. There are some great character moments and dialogue. I loved learning about how the house is powered as Ami becomes a bigger part of it and gets more agency from it. I enjoyed the humor a lot and I loved the next mission teased within the plot. There is some great tension in the story as well and I am excited to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Wijngaard delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. There are fun visual elements to be found in both the fight scenes and character moments.

Home Sick Pilots #11



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