Hexagon Bridge #1

Image Comics

Written by Richard Blake

Art by Richard Blake

Colors by Richard Blake

Letters by Richard Blake

The Rundown: A team of scientists discover a parallel dimension and find themselves trapped.

In the far future a group of scientists discover a parallel dimension and send a group of explorers into it to map it and discover what is on the other side. One of the scientists named Elena finds herself rescued from an icy death by a being known as Gerardus.

At the same time, a man named Jacob is found unresponsive by others and taken as well. Back on Earth, Jacob and Elena’s daughter Adley sees visions of what happened to her parents as scientists work on a way to rescue the pair.

The Story: Blake delivers a conceptually interesting and engaging story in this first issue. I enjoyed the pace and tone of the story as well. Everything seems to be out in the open and gives the reader the ability to discover more about them and the world they inhabit. I look forward to seeing where this story goes next.

The Art: Blake offers some great art in the issue as well. The characters designs are great, but I really loved the visual environments in the issue.

Hexagon Bridge #1



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