Helen of Wyndhorn #1

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Bilquis Evely

Colors by Matheus Lopes

Letters by Cayton Cowles

The Rundown: An orphaned young woman goes to live with her grandfather and discovers a dangerous secret.

Young Helen has recently lost her father and her grandfather has sent a governess to collect her and bring her to his estate Wyndhorn. After finding the young woman in a jail cell, Lilith brings her to the palatial estate to begin her new life.

As weeks go by, Lilith sees that Helen is slow to break out of her destructive habits until one night she is awakened by screams and discovers Helen running from a horrifying creature only to be rescued by something out of a fantasy novel.

The Story: King continues to impress me with his storytelling and this first issue immediately grabbed my attention. The story is rich and filled with great characters. I became immersed in this world and the story has a wonderful progression for the characters and the rising suspense. I love the unique elements of this story and how beautifully it balances character and action.

The Art: Evely delivers some beautifully detailed and lively art throughout the issue. I love the beauty throughout every page and panel.

Helen of Wyndhorn #1




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