Heartpiercer #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Rich Douek

Art by Gavin Smith

Colors by Nicholas Burgdore

Letters by Justin Birch

The Rundown: Atala finds herself in a town under the control of dangerous creatures.

An emissary of Kuurn comes upon a scene of destruction as several werewolf bodies are discovered littering the local woods. The emissary sends a message to the leader of the local werewolves after discovering that Atala is responsible for the deaths of his forces.

At the same time, Atala is spirited to the local town of Briarglen after discovering that the town sacrifices their young to the creatures in order to live in peace. An act that Atala decides to challenge the town with as the murderous werewolf forces descend on the town for revenge.

The Story: Douek continues to craft an intense and compelling story in this issue. The story has great action throughout and some wonderful dialogue. I really enjoy the character of Atala and her quest. The story is filled with awesome character moments and the world of the story continues to draw me in as a reader. I find myself curious about everything this world offers and how this story can move and evolve as it progresses.

The Art: Smith delivers some beautifully detailed and dramatic art throughout the issue. The visuals are fantastic and the action is breathtaking.

Heartpiercer #2



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