Harley Quinn
Season 3, Episode 11
44 MIN
A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special

Harley goes overboard in her attempts to give Ivy the best Valentine’s Day ever. Bane’s efforts to impress an unexpected date go horribly awry. Clayface engages in some self-love.

This episode focuses on three separate plots that eventually intersect in a cataclysm of enormous proportion. At various points, the story breaks and four separate couples share their love stories, including a duo that combines a DC character with a notable public figure.

The story opens with a famous DC couple telling the story of how they met. Then a montage of characters from the series and their partners are shown reenacting famous scenes in rom-coms as Harley details her love of Valentine’s day. I love love love this intro. As someone who is a fan of the romantic comedy genre, I was so happy to see all the Easter eggs provided to the viewer.

However, Harley’s bubble is soon burst as we learn that Ivy does not like to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it represents all the capitalist and environmentally damaging things she despises. Harley and Ivy are such polar opposites it makes me laugh. Ivy is the perfect soft-grump character and watching her give in to Harley’s joie de vivre makes for viewing perfection.

Even the Legion of Doom gets involved in the events of the day. One villain’s rant regarding online dating was particularly entertaining and struck home with my own experiences.

The action cranks up when Harley and Ivy’s first Valentine’s Day is interrupted by a robbery. The duo then get involved in an altercation with the CEO of Luxor Oil and his henchman. From this moment on, things go awry for the couple in the most unlikeliest of manners. Harley’s need to provide Ivy with the best Valentine’s Day ever ultimately leads to chaos.

Meanwhile, Clayface meets an online date in Crime Alley only to find that things are not all they seem. He soon finds himself in the company of the perfect partner. However, an unfortunate circumstance causes the couple to experience both happiness and heartbreak.

Elsewhere, a lonely Bane wanders Gotham, lamenting his singleness when he stumbles upon a woman with an unusual job. His efforts to impress her lead him to make an unlikely purchase. In an odd twist of fate, Bane’s spur of the moment actions are intermingled with an unexpected side effect of Harley’s efforts to please Ivy. The result is a destructive mix of pandemonium and sexual proclivity that can only be stopped with the help of Clayface. Finally, Harley and Ivy sit in front of the camera for a special interview.

As in true Harley Quinn fashion, this episode is filled with adult content such as extreme violence, sexual situations, and images depicting mature subject matter. This animated tale is definitely not for children.

With that being said, I laughed hysterically through the entire episode. This has to be my favorite episode of the series. This chapter combines slapstick, over the top humor with classic romantic comedy greatness. The story heavily borrows from the classic movie “When Harry Met Sally” and draws famous lines from other beloved romantic hits. Special appearances include Quinta Brunson and Tyler James Williams as Hawkman and Hawkgirl, as well as Brett Goldstein who cameos as himself. If you are a fan of rom-coms and adult humor, this Valentine’s Day episode is definitely worth the watch.

Harley Quinn A Very Problematic Valentine’s Day Special



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