Harley Quinn

DC Universe

Season One Episode Three

So You Need A Crew?

Episode three named “So You Need A Crew?” starts out with Harley kicking KGBeast’s butt on a train in Russia where Joker pops up and steals her score because she doesn’t have a crew was a pretty good opening.
She goes home to Poison Ivy and they watch Doctor Psycho fight Wonder Woman and he says pretty much the worst thing you can call a woman on live TV.
All the characters in this show that just pop up out of nowhere! Clayface, Maxie Zeus and Kite Man come into a bar for a three second joke that turns into a story that shows Harley how sexiest the world around her is. No henchman wants to work for a woman and the last woman who broke that ceiling was sealed up by the Justice League into a US tax master book (played by Wanda Sykes!!)
I’ve really enjoyed the voice cast and writing of this show so far. I’ve caught up to Harley’s third episode and hold on tight because this episode had me full on belly laughing in spots. It’s like DC and the Venture brother show from adult swim had a super violent and cursing baby and I love it.
The rest of the story was full of some of the funniest stuff I have seen in a DC cartoon! Things like “Creepy dick!” Clayface playing different parts was so funny. I won’t spoil them but I laughed so hard I had to rewind it on multiple occasions because I kept missing things.
The voice work in this show is amazing. Harley (Kaley Cuoco) finally feels like she’s not trying to pretend to be doing a Harley accent. Poison Ivy and Frank aren’t in this long but they shine when they are.
This show keeps getting better and the cast of this show sounds like they are having so much fun. Funniest episode so far!

Harley Quinn S01XE03




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