HARLEY_Cv67_varHarley Quinn #67

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri, Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund, Matt Ryan, Tom Derenick, Trevor Scott and Aaron Lopresti

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Harley continues to grieve her loss and decides to make her healing a family affair as her comic book counterpart fights to end all crises before they begin.


After the funeral for her mother, Harley Quinn is looking for something to hold onto that will help with her grief. She decides that the best thing that she and her family can do is have an old fashioned family Thanksgiving to bring them together and help them heal. It doesn’t go as planned as Harley finds that her father and brothers are all dealing with the grief in their own ways, showing her how important her mother was to the family.

At the same time, comic book Harley has roped in Booster Gold to help her travel through time to stop the first crisis in the DC Universe. Along the way, she finds herself in the heart of the other crises and is determined to stop them.

The Story: Harley hopping from crisis to crisis is a fun distraction from the heavier portion of the A story. It allows the reader to reflect on the nature of crossover events in comics as well the formula that draws in readers. The dialogue in the comic book moments are slightly more compelling than the human drama Harley is dealing with, but both parts have standout moments that are entertaining.

The Art: All of the visuals are fantastic and the artists make the most out of the moments they share in this issue.


Harley Quinn #67




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