STL120616Harley Quinn #62

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Otto Schmidt

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The Rundown: Harley, Selina and everyone in Gotham are still trapped in Enchantress’ bizarre sword and sorcery fantasy. Harley and Selina are about to be burned at the stake until Harley appeals to a brainwashed Tina to set them free. After helping her friend remember her past on Apokolips, Tina releases them just in time for Harley to hatch a plan to stop Enchantress and free reality.


It’s going to take a clever plan to get into the castle and close to the hourglass controlling all of reality so Harley can do what does best, smash things. As all the pieces fall into place and the plan gets underway, Harley is going to discover that Enchantress is not going to be that easy to defeat and improvisation might end up being the only thing that can save them all.

The Story: Sam Humphries continues to keep this series and this issue light and fun. There are some really funny moments throughout and the ending does a great job of bringing the character and her actual personal issues back down to Earth. The dialogue is good and Harley is written as a pretty endearing character worth rooting for at times. The fourth wall breaks add an interesting and entertaining frosting on top of the cake, but it does take away from the story and muddies the stakes.

The Art: Otto Schmidt’s style is well suited to the action beats in the issue. Some of the character moments can feel a little flat, but there are great details and panels throughout the issue.

Harley Quinn #62




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