large-4917821Harley Quinn #59

DC Comics

Written by Sam Humphries

Art by Sami Basri

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Dave Sharpe

The next trial in Harley’s quest to become the Angel of Retribution will find Quinn face to face with something grotesque.

In a bid to entertain the people of Coney Island, Harley decides to recruit Tina to help her with a dunk tank. Tina is reluctant because she doesn’t like being stared at and judged for how she looks, but Harley is convincing and the two get ready. When the tank shatters, Tina leaves embarrassed and the three witches stalking Harley use the incident as the perfect moment to curse her.


The next morning, Harley wakes up to find that the face looking back at her is not hers, but that of a roach. Disgusted by her appearance and unable to communicate with her friends, she flees the apartment with Tina hot on her heels. Harley is going to have to learn a lesson in humility is she is going to survive the latest trial and it might be Tina that teaches is to her.

This was a light, fun and funny issue from Sam Humphries. Not only was the story interesting and paced well, but the comedic timing was on point. The moment when the witches are beginning their curse and are interrupted made me laugh out loud. There are no huge stakes in this issue so allowing Harley a moment of personal growth makes the story more engaging.

Sami Basri’s art is a perfect complement to the tone and pace of this issue. Everything looked fun and bright.

Harley Quinn #59




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