Hardware Season One #3

DC Comics/Milestone

Written by Brandon Thomas

Art by Denys Cowan

Colors by Bill Sienkiewicz

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Curtis goes looking for someone who can help him in his fight against his former mentor.

Curtis recalls one of the many instances where he knew instinctively something was wrong with his mentor, but didn’t act. Something that he continues to regret, especially when the man’s former partner tried to warn him. At the same time, Curtis’ actions get one of his friends thrown in jail until she is released to someone who knows about Hardware. As Tiffany and Barraki leave jail, Barraki lets Tiffany know what’s going to happen next with Alva.

At the same time, Curtis makes his way to Singapore where he dons his suit to go looking for a friend. What he finds instead is a series of killer robots he must battle his way through to get to the man he’s seeking. After Alva’s old partner reveals himself, he gives Curtis access to a lab so that he can upgrade his suit. Unfortunately, Alva knows Curtis is there and gives his old partner a tempting offer to hand Curtis and his Hardware over to him.

The Story: Thomas does a brilliant job of raising and sustaining tension throughout this issue. There are some great character moments with Curtis and the story gives the reader a better insight into who he is as a character and his awakening into someone new. I like the fact that there are few people the reader can trust and that adds to the tension and mystery of the story. It will be interesting to see where the story goes next after the cliffhanger ending.

The Art: Cowan delivers some beautiful art in this issue. The art perfectly captures the gritty tension of the story and the action is visually thrilling.

Hardware Season One #3



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