Justice League Dark 2021 Annual #1

DC Comics

Written by Ram V and Dan Watters

Art by Christopher Mitten

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Justice League Dark learns it cannot escape its fate as they prepare for their next encounter with Merlin.

Doctor Fate brings the rest of the team together to tell them of the prophecy that’s been haunting him. A prophecy that will see the fall of the Tower of Fate at the hands of Merlin. With the team still dealing with the aftermath of their latest mission and the secrets it uncovered, Diana believes she knows who is sending messages to Fate. Diana recounts what happened to her when she was summoned and how she found herself in the presence of an ancient creature. After discovering the power that summoned her, Diana is returned to Earth with a warning.

Randhir goes on to tell Jason Blood that his connection with Etrigan will play an important role in upcoming events. He also reveals the circumstances that led him to be captured by Merlin’s forces before another presence makes himself known to the group. In the wake of more revelations and recriminations, Zatanna finds herself learning a dark truth and having to make a dangerous deal for a slim chance at victory.

The Story: Watters does a masterful job of bringing the reader up to speed on the story Justice League Dark is immersed in. Everything in the story and its ramifications for both the characters and the world scream for the characters to have their own full book. Ram V’s story is incredibly compelling, and the intricacy of the plot deserves a bigger format to be explored.

The Art: Mitten does a fine job with the art in the issue. The story is more character focused and the art showcases that. Mitten also does a great job of capturing magic, scale and scope in the art.

Justice League Dark 2021 Annual #1



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