Hand of Fate 2

Defiant Development

Nintendo Switch

Hand of Fate 2 is a sequel to the first game and in this sequel you must play a “Game of Life or Death” with a new narrative based on your choices for your character.



Hand of Fate 2 is your basic questing RPG. You are in a dungeon faced with a mystery character who wields a set of cards that determine your fate and how the story progresses based on your choices. You succeed or fail based on the choices given to by the cards and the story moves forward based on those choices. The narrative hits all of the RPG tropes of roving bandits, necromancers, demons and the like and you’re given the opportunity to upgrade your weapons, etc. The story is fun, but doesn’t particularly break new ground as far as character development.



The story drives the gameplay and the story is fun. Choosing cards will always become a little tedious over time, but the side characters help to break up that tedium with their contributions to the overall story. What also helps the gameplay is the ability to leave the tabletop environment for some hack and slash combat scenarios that allow the player to use new combat skills and weapons to defeat enemies. The fights are good, but not great. There’s some great animation and graphics in those scenes, but not much else. The minigames also add an interesting and fun element to the gameplay and they happen organically without taking too much away from the narrative.



Hand of Fate 2 is fun to play overall, but it’s not something that I would clamor to play until completion. Playing it on the Switch actually made it more fun as an on-the-go experience rather than something that I would sit and devote hours to playing. It has its moments, but not much drew me in to theĀ narrative to create an experience that I would rush to continue, but it’s fine as a casual experience.

Hand of Fate 2




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