GREENLANTERN80TH_Cv1_1940sGreen Lantern 80th Anniversary Special #1

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV, Geoff Johns, Cullen Bunn, Dennis O’Neill, Ron Marz, Peter J Tomasi, Charlotte (Fullerton)McDuffie, Chriscross, Robert Venditti, Mariko Tamaki and Sina Grace

Art by Gary Frank, Ivan Reis, Doug Mahnke, Mike Grell, Darryl Banks, Fernando Pasarin, Rafa Sandoval, Mirka Andolfo and Ramon Villalobos

Colors by Steve Oliff, Alex Sinclair, David Baron, Lovern Kindzierski, Hi-Fi, Gabe Eltaeb, Luis Guerrero, Ivan Plascencia, Arif Prianto and Rico Renzi

Inks by Oclair Albert, Wade von Grawbadger and Jordi Tarragona

Letters by Tom Napolitano, Rob Leigh, Carlos M Mangual, Clem Robins, Josh Reed, Steve Wands, Dave Sharpe, Gabriela Downie and Andworld Design

Dark Things Cannot Stand the Light – Alan Scott pays a visit to the mother of one of the victims of the train crash that made him the hero he is and tells her about her son and how he helped Alan find the light. A well done story, but too short. For fans of Alan it works, but it doesn’t really go too deep into the character.

Last Will – Hal Jordan lands on an unknown planet and his ring is running out of power. With no sign of rescue and the possibility that he might not be able to breathe when the power in his ring fails, he sends out three messages. Messages that both call for help and confront the people in his life who have helped him be a better hero and man. A great story from start to finish with an ending that is both endearing and hilarious.


The Meaning of Fear – A lone Green Lantern faces the forces of the Purge Engineers and is saved by Sinestro. Wounded, the Lantern learns the story of the greatest of Lanterns and how betrayal forced him to both confront and conquer his fear. An awesome short story that reveals the menace and mind of Sinestro. The story is well done and the ending is both surprising and entertaining.

Time Alone – Green Arrow is fighting Clock King, who has taken a hostage. After stopping the villain, Oliver seems to have a hard time stopping the fight. Hal intervenes and explains to his friend why he’s been gone for so long. He takes Arrow on a journey to discuss some truths he discovered in the pages of a very special book. A great short that is sweet in both its execution and message.

Legacy – Kyle Rayner visits a warehouse to pick up some things for Guy Gardner. In the midst of going through the items, he finds something Guy missed. Something that could devastate everything around him. This was a fun story that signifies how interesting and special Kyle is as a character.

Heart O the Corps – Guy Gardner is called in to take on a secret mission to rescue a couple of Lanterns in trouble. He has to team up with Killowog, who is not in the mood to be with anyone. When the Lanterns find the location of the missing Lanterns, they have to infiltrate the area and Killowog finds himself the victim of an unexpected surprise. The story was well paced and had an engaging and sweet ending.

Reverse the Polarity – John Stewart and Hawkgirl bring back an unstable and dangerous object to the Watchtower and find themselves in a fight against Dr. Polaris to protect it. The story is pretty straightforward and wastes any character development of John Stewart as a hero and a Lantern to exposition.

Four – Years in the future, former Lanterns Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart have their annual meet up to talk about old times. While they wait for Guy Gardner, they swap war stories with Guy at the center and marvel at his antics before going to visit an old friend.  fun, funny bittersweet story that reminds the reader how complicated and interesting Guy is as a Lantern.

The Voice – Jessica Cruz recalls how her fear and anxiety has shaped her experience as a Green Lantern. She recounts how the emotions play as a nagging voice in the back of her head and how she must overcome and use that voice to be effective in her job. An interesting and entertaining journey into anxiety and how she can use it to her advantage.

Homegrown Hero – Simon Baz has family coming in from overseas. After hearing about his aunt’s difficulties with a racist customs agent, the family decides to go to an art festival. When a mysterious man raises suspicions, Simon will spring into action to discover a plot centered on hate. A good story that showcases Simon’s duality and duty to both his religion and the corps.

Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special




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