Green Lantern #3

DC Comics

Written by Geoffrey Thorne

Art by Tom Raney and Marco Santucci

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: In the aftermath of a devastating attack, John Stewart finds himself vulnerable in an unknown sector of space.

With the Corps now joining the United Planets, there is a new mandate for many of its members and that mandate includes sending a group of Green Lanterns into an unknown region of space. When the central battery is attacked, the Lanterns find themselves without power and John Stewart finds himself alone in the middle of deep space and dying. A last minute save from a friend saves his life, but he now finds himself on an unknown world with strangers and no means of communicating with the rest of the Corps.

At the same time, the changes to Jo Mullein’s ring makes her immune to whatever damaged the central battery. With only one other person retaining some level of power, the task of retrieving and helping the missing Lanterns falls to Jo and a newly revivied Simon Baz. With few options, Jo sends out a message to any Lantern still with power. A message that could help to drive out those responsible.

The Story: Thorne crafts a good story for the Corps and the characters. There are some pacing issues to get past and there could have been some better transitions between the stories, but it was good and did a great job of moving the drama forward while also establishing some new characters and situations for John to deal with. Would have loved to see more of the effects on other members of the Corps or how Simon fights his way back.

The Art: Raney and Santucci delivers some good art in this issue. One side of the art has more detail then the other, but both sides are done well.

Green Lantern #3



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