Green Lantern #1

DC Comics

Written by Geoffrey Thorne

Art by Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci

Colors by Alex Sinclair

Letters by Rob leigh

The Rundown: The United Planets come to Oa for a meeting, but the legacy of the Guardians stand in their way of becoming members of the group.

The United Planets decide to host their conclave on Oa and part of the agenda is the decision on whether the home world of the Green Lanterns will become part of the universal body. As the member worlds discuss the sins of the Green Lantern’s pasts, John Stewart contends with not only the growing tension among the delegates, but also the Guardians’ attempts to study Teen Lantern’s technology against her will.

With powerful leaders including Sinestro taking the stand to rail against Oa and the Guardians, an attack on the planet will reveal the mistakes the Guardians have made have not been forgiven by all and Stewart will have to find a new tactic to stop this attack. One that will require a dangerous choice.

The Story: Thorne does a great job of bringing the story a sense of relevance. The characters shine and Stewart does a masterful job of taking the lead without overpowering the narrative. There are great story beats throughout and the stakes of the story are palpable for the reader. A really well done first issue that captures the vastness of the Green Lantern’s world while keeping the story character focused.

The Art: Soy and Santucci do some great work with the art in this issue. The characters look fantastic and the action is brilliantly rendered.

Green Lantern #1



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