650114._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Green Hornet #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Amy Chu

Art by German Erramouspe

Colors by Brittany Pezzillo

The issue starts with the history of the Green Hornet. A history told by the issues narrator Kato as he deals with a looming problem. As he recounts the circumstances that led both he and Britt Reid Sr. to don the masks and take on the underworld, he has to deal with his ever growing fear for his best friends son Britt Jr, who took on the mantle of the Green Hornet and has gone missing.


Unfortunately, Kato can’t take too long to worry about the missing Britt because he has to deal with the changing world or publishing and he is the acting publisher of The Sentinel. After having a meeting with the staff, Kato puts the only reporter he can trust on a story that could affect the paper itself. It’s always good seeing Kato’s role expand and his scenes are a great through line to the history of these characters.

With Britt Jr missing, that means the Green Hornet is missing as well. The absence of the Hornet spurs a list of copycats on both sides as some try to help and most try to use the disguise to steal. As the crime rate rises, Kato realizes that Britt missing or not, the city needs a Green Hornet and he has the perfect replacement.

The first issue of this new series is a fun read. There are some good moments, especially the ones that harken back to the characters. At times, it tends to drag and I waited for it to find its footing again. Overall, I found the story and the art to be really good. Let’s see if the next issue is more exciting.

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