9F1AA529-19EF-46C3-93DB-EBB68D8DCBABThe Despicable Deadpool #295

Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan

Art by Scott Koblish

Colors by Ruth Redmond

Wade’s strange journey continues in this issue as a young boy is found running through the streets injured and alone, begging for help. Two people try to help the boy and are immediately knocked out by Deadpool.


Deadpool is still indebted to Stryfe for saving his family and the mutant clone is using that debt to have Wade murder a series of targets. All of this while the mercenary is still on the run from the authorities for his actions during Secret Empire, specifically the murder of Phil Coulson. The boy he’s chasing is on Stryfe’s list as well because he is Evan Sabahnur, who will someday grow up to be Apocalypse. Deadpool has hit the young man with an injection and as the boy stares down the barrel of Wade’s gun, Stryfe sees the boy disappear from his tracker.


After transporting the mercenary to his base, an extremely pissed off Wade confronts Stryfe and demands the final name on the hit list. After finding out who it is, he is sent back and wakes up the sleeping and depowered mutant boy. Unfortunately, before Deadpool can explain what he did to the boy, he finds out that Evan has called for help in the form of Kitty Pryde and Colosuss who attempt to bring him in. A process that is brutal to witness and shows a side of Kitty that isn’t often seen in the comics.

Without giving anything else away, there is a brutal battle between all involved, a rare tender moment from Deadpool that is tragic and poignant and the return of someone who Wade has vowed to kill.

The story definitely lives up to the title. Deadpool is performing some truly despicable acts and the toll they are taking on him are filled with a pathos that is rare from the “merc with a mouth”. There are moments where you feel for Wade while at the same time acknowledging that he is not the hero in this story. Something he would break the fourth wall to tell you himself. A great issue that seems to be building to an interesting event for the character itself, including a reckoning with his current activities.


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