The Gifted


Season One Episode Three


After last week’s episode, Blink (Jamie Chung) is on the mend. Unfortunately, she’s lost focus and is unable to use her powers. A problem that continues as things get worse for Reed (Stephen Moyer) and his family. As Eclipse (Sean Teale) gets more and more desperate to find a way to free Lorna (Emma Dumont) from custody, Caitlin (Amy Acker_ becomes more and more convinced that there is a better way to fight than through violence.


Reed, to his credit, continues to try to find a legal way out of the mess that he’s in, but Turner (Coby Bell) just tightens the screws harder against both him and Lorna to a lesser extent. Reed agrees to lead Sentinel Services to the Mutant Underground in exchange for guarantees of his family’s safety. Turner agrees and puts a tracker on Reed, dropping him off at the bar where he first met Eclipse. Reed is fully prepared to do what he agreed to in order to secure his family’s safety when he meets up with a scared mother and daughter on the run.


At the Mutant Underground base, Caitlin has decided to leave and try to get help from someone with influence, her brother. When the kids see that she’s about to leave, they convince her to let them come. When they reach the brother’s house, Caitlin gets a first hand look at the anxiety and fear that mutants feel even when speaking to family members. Her reunion with her brother is bittersweet, especially when word gets out to the neighbors that they are there.


Meanwhile, Blink continues to try to reconcile her inability to use her powers by having a heart to heart with Thunderbird (Blair Redford). He tries to help her focus and learn to use her powers as other members of the underground, especially Dreamer (Elena Satine), want her to learn faster to break out Lorna. When a situation arises that only Blink can help with, Dreamer does something desperate in order to get the scared mutant to focus.

Three episodes into this series and I continue to be impressed with it. There are many different levels that the series is working on and they have managed to find some good footing so far in the story they are telling. This episode is able to show the personal struggle to find your place in a new world, the struggle to see the world as it truly is and the struggle to think and feel beyond your narrow view of the world. On those levels, The Gifted continues to work, this episode being a great example.

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