Giant Size X-Men Nightcrawler #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman

Art by Alan Davis

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A small team of X-Men return to the mansion to discover why they are getting unusual readings from their former home.


The abandoned X-Mansion is covered with planets, but it is far from empty. A small group of X-Men led by Nightcrawler and Magik enter the mansion through its gateway to investigate the disturbances. IN the course of checking out the mansion, Kurt will see visions of fallen and missing friends.

Tracking these phantoms will lead him to a familiar face and a deeper mystery involving an old enemy of the X-Men who needs some unusual help from Cypher.

The Story: Hickman writes a haunted house style mystery in this issue and it had the potential to be something interesting. Unfortunately, the beginning of the story doesn’t go far enough and everything interesting about it melts away into something that doesn’t raise above the level of a side story at best. I kept waiting for the plot to pick up and for something interesting to happen, but it never really did. Making Nightcrawler the focus of this issue didn’t really make much sense either because we didn’t spend as much time with Kurt to justify this story being about him.

The Art: Alan Davis some great art in this issue. The art is a highlight, but it can’t save what felt like a waste of character, setting and story.

Giant Size X-Men Nightcrawler #1




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