Giant Robot Hellboy #3

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Mike Mignola

Art by Duncan Fegredo

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Clem Robins

The Rundown: Robot Hellboy continues to fight on the island as the truth about it is revealed.

The robot Hellboy continues to fight the monsters on the island even after Hellboy himself has been separated from the device. The mystery organization that has kidnapped Hellboy sees that the robot still retains aspects of Hellboy’s personality, but their bigger concern is the agent they have on the island and what information she was able to uncover.

When Jian’s handler discovers that the group plans to blow the island, Jian must find a way to escape. An act that will require the help of the giant robot Hellboy.

The Story: Mignola delivers wonderful thrills and action throughout this issue. The story has a fantastic pace that keeps the reader engaged with every moment. I loved the intrigue within the story as well as the comedic elements and action. I really love the way this story ends and how it teases more story to come.

The Art: Fegredo delivers some fantastic art throughout the issue. The action is visually thrilling in every page and panel and I love the details.

Giant Robot Hellboy #3



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