Cyborg #6

DC Comics

Written by Morgan Hampton

Art by Travis Mercer and Bruno Abdias

Colors by Michael Atiyeh

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: The series concludes with an epic battle between Cyborg and Solace.

When Cyborg confronts Solace in an all out brawl, he is soon challenged by the voice Silas Stone and quickly finds himself in an unusual locale. Father and son then make a difficult decision. Later the two work together in an attempt to end Solace’s plans. Afterwards, Cyborg visits a dear friend and discovers something interesting about himself. Finally, after an enlightening conversation with his therapy, Cyborg meets up with a member of the Titans as he comes to terms with his previous situation.

The Story: The finale of this limited series is both heartfelt and high-octane. I think this issue does a good job with wrapping up a complex story. Cyborg’s growth throughout the narrative is palpable and the lessons he learned are bound to affect his behavior in future storylines. Cyborg’s adventures will continue in Titans and I look forward to what these tales will bring in terms of character development.

The Art: The illustration in this edition is modern, realistic, and youthful. The coloring is bold and often has a mixed media quality as the work at times mimics watercolor and at others traditional pencil. The action scenes are interesting and there is an emotional quality to the visuals that makes the story fully transportive.

Cyborg #6



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