GET OUT Director Shares list of Films That Inspired Him

This weekend, Get Out opened in theaters and already has critics and fans talking. The first film from writer/director Jordan Peele (Key & Peele) has opened to a lot of critical acclaim and has garnered a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. In honor of the premiere of this social thriller, Fandango spoke with the director about some of the films that influenced the director.


According to Peele, there were similar films in the genre that inspired him in the making of Get Out. Here are a few from the list that. The full list can be found here. Among the list are some personal favorites that make me more interested in seeing Get Out this opening weekend.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


The Roman Polanski classic based on the Ira Levin novel has been heralded as being one of the greatest horror films of all time. The film, about a young woman who becomes pregnant and finds out that there are secrets behind her pregnancy and her new neighbors that are disturbing and terrifying. The film has many elements that have inspired many of the thrillers that followed it, especially the conspiratorial aspects of the story. Coincidentally, Allison Williams’ character in Get Out is named Rose.

The Stepford Wives (1975)


Another Ira Levin classic novel makes its way onto the list with this cult film. Directed by Bryan Forbes from a script by William Goldman, the film is about a woman who moves with her new husband to an idyllic Connecticut suburb named Stepford. As she gets used to living in the new town, she notices the increasingly strange behavior of the other women in the town as well as the changes in her husband’s behavior as well. The fear of the loss of self and isolation are also prevalent in both films.

The World’s End (2013)


A contemporary edition to the list and its only comedy, Edgar Wright’s film about a group of old friends doing a pub crawl to try and relive their youth, is an interesting choice for this list. While there are science fiction thriller elements to the plot, the directors use of visual foreshadowing (a subtle way of showing events within a plot) is the reason why Peele added this film to the list.


In addition to giving his list of films that inspired Get Out, he also sat down with Fandango’s Chris Witherspoon to do some impressions of what other celebs might think of the film now playing in theaters. Check it out and let us know what you thought.


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