The DC Comics streaming service is getting ready to add some more DC Comics characters to its live action Titans series.


President and CCO of DC Comics and Co-Chair of DC Films Geoff Johns gave a huge spoiler to fans waiting for news from the upcoming live action Titans series on the upcoming DC Comics streaming service. He went to his Twitter account to announce that Doom Patrol will be featured on the series.

Doom Patrol has a specific connection to the Titans, specifically one Titan. Doom Patrol was created in the early 60’s and consisted of a group of “misfit” heroes who are alienated because of their powers. One of those heroes is Beast Boy. He was a longtime member of the Doom Patrol until he left to join the Titans and it will be interesting to see how they are included in the series and what role they play in Beast Boy’s life and his relationship to the Titans.


No casting announcements have been made regarding who will play members of the team, but when they are, I will report them here.


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