Geoff Johns Announces New DC Comics TV Series

While many of us were revelling in the end of 2016, President and Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics Geoff Johns was tweeting out some information that has the geek world buzzing. He announced that there is a new DC Comics TV series in the works and everyone is speculating as to what that might be.


Besides expressing his looking forward to the return of the current slate of DC Comics TV series, he expressed in his tweet that another show “will be announced soon”. Besides the announcement by FOX that they have picked up the Greg Berlanti produced Black Lightning series, NBC‘s Powerless and the return of Vixen to the CW Seed, the announcement of a new DC Comics series has many people wondering who or what could be the focus.


While there is little to go on, there is strong evidence to suggest that the series might focus on a character that Johns has been linked to previously. When asked about potential upcoming projects on the red carpet for the premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Johns said that there were plans in the works for one of his favorite characters: Booster Gold. There has been speculation for the last few years about Johns being involved in a big screen adaptation of the time traveling hero and his sidekick Skeets (hopefully they don’t change the name and add some mildly inappropriate jokes). Could this announcement mean that DC has decided to scrap the big screen film in favor of a small screen series?


Johns co-wrote the first twelve issues of the Booster Gold solo series before it was cancelled ahead of the New 52 series. Greg Berlanti himself had been rumored to be directing the big screen version of the character. Booster Gold was also teased in a video Johns recorded for the DC Rebirth announcement, leading to speculation that the character will have a role to play in the events unfolding in the DC Comics universe.

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