Gargoyles Halloween Special #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Weisman

Art by Diego Bonesso

Colors by Nicolo Laporini

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: Young Nashville wants to spend Halloween in the city while the Quarrymen plan an attack.

Nashville has been cooped up in the castle and wants to spend Halloween among the people because he can blend in. His parents reluctantly agree, but his mother decides to send some protection along in the shadows.

At the same time, Goliath and the rest of the clan are making a public appearance and the Quarrymen decide to attack it to spread hatred against Gargoyles. A plan Nashville will fight against with his new friends to protect his clan.

The Story: A fun, endearing adventure that exemplifies everything that I love about the Gargoyles and world Weisman has created for them. There are some great moments for the characters in this issue and I love the focus being on Nashville and his desire to spend time among humans. There’s a great tone to the story that mixes fun, suspense and more.

The Art: Bonesso delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. The imagery is beautifully detailed and captures both the fun and thrilling moments within the story.

Gargoyles Halloween Special #1



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