Gargoyles #8

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Weisman

Art by George Kambadais

Colors by George Kambadais

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: Coldfire thinks of her past and present lives while old enemies go after Goliath.

Coldfire contemplates her life in the body of a robot and how her journey has taken her and her mate from their life in the past to reuniting with Goliath’s clan in the present. At the same time, Goliath awakens in his cell and continues to be tortured by one of the guards as his enemies held with him watch.

As the looming war in the city’s underworld continues to grow and boil over, the Pack returns to take out Goliath and the man they’ve been hired to kill. An attack that will give Goliath a chance to finally fight back, but also force him to make a decision about whether he should escape.

The Story: Weisman continues to craft a brilliant and compelling story for the characters in this issue. I love the background stories and how they expand on the side characters and their connection to the Gargoyles themselves. I also love having much of the story being told from Coldfire’s perspective. The story has some great tension throughout and builds to a fantastic action filled finale that makes me excited for the next issue.

The Art: Kambadais delivers fantastic art throughout the issue. I love the visual style and how it not only showcases the animation roots of the story, but also the feel of movement and action throughout.

Gargoyles #8



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