Gargoyles #1

Dynamite Entertainment

Written by Greg Weisman

Art by George Kambadais

Colors by George Kambadais

Letters by Jeff Eckleberry

The Rundown: Goliath and his clan protect the city at night as a rising gang war threatens to tear it apart.

Detective Elisa Maza and her partner Matt Bluestone are chasing a group of armed robbers through the streets when they get some unexpected backup from Goliath and his clan. After taking down the robbers, they return to the castle and Elisa gets a series of phone calls from her other unusual connections throughout the city.

Brooklyn and the others return as well and Elisa discovers that Coldstone was involved in an escalating gang war between factions whose leaders are in prison. At the same time, Elisa’s brother and his clan are expecting the arrival of a new member of his clan. A member that has gotten the attention of Thailog and the mysterious Anton Sevarius.

The Story: As a fan of the original series, I love seeing the continuing adventures of these characters. I also love seeing Weisman tell their story again with all of the great characterizations and intrigue that made the series so original and engaging. The first issue does a great job of bringing the reader up to speed on the characters and their circumstances while crafting a story that makes me want to read more.

The Art: Kambadais has a fantastic visual style that emphasizes the characters with great, dramatic poses and atmosphere. I love the look of this issue and look forward to seeing how much Kambadais will push the series visually.

Gargoyles #1



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