One of the most compelling plot lines of any of the Marvel Netflix shows was the dynamic between Jessica Jones and her nemesis Kilgrave.


Well Entertainment Weekly has an official photo from the set of the second season of Jessica Jones that confirms that the mind-controlling villain, played brilliantly by David Tennant, will be returning to season two but Marvel Studios will not give details regarding the extent of his involvement. Considering the circumstances that we last saw Kilgrave in, it would be easy to assume that he will show up either in a series of flashbacks to his time with Jessica or as a memory still haunting the hero.


The other possibility is that the events of the upcoming Defenders series might pave the way for his return. After all, the Hand has had some success with bringing back the dead. Regardless of the circumstance, it will be both interesting and entertaining to see Tennant chewing up the scenery again as the character.

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Jessica Jones Season 2 is set to return to Netflix in 2018.

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