Game of Thrones


Season 8 Episode 1


It’s a time of homecomings across Westeros as the new season begins. Some of them will be bittersweet. Some will just be bitter.

Jon Snow has returned to Winterfell and he is at the head of the largest army the North has ever seen. He’s also riding side by side with Daenerys Targaryen. Something which many of the people gathered both deride and fear in equal measure.


The reception doesn’t get any warmer when Jon finally arrives and greets both Bran and Sansa. It gets even colder as Sansa and Dany meet for the first time. The best part of this chilly reception is Bran cutting through all the crap and telling them that they don’t have time for all the tension. The better part is when Lyanna Mormont puts in her two cents.


At Kings Landing, Cersei is awaiting the arrival of the fleet from the Iron Isles and the Golden Company. Euron Greyjoy decides to make his move on Cersei and receives a surprising answer.


Dany and Jon continue to get closer, but the tension around their alliance grows deeper. Samwell gets some brutal and bitter truth from Dany about his father and brother and Bran insists that Sam tell Jon about his true parentage. He does in a moment that devastates Jon and also drives a new wedge into the Jon/Dany relationship. If that weren’t enough, a new visitor arrives at Winterfell and the first face he sees is very familiar.


This first episode does a great thing by getting all the emotional gut punch secrets out-of-the-way. Now we get to see the fallout of Sam’s revelations and how it will affect Jon and Dany. We get to see what will happen with Gendry/Arya and others, especially Arya/The Hound. Everything is out in the open in this episode for the most part and now the real games begin.

Game of Thrones S08XE01




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