Future State Superman of Metropolis #2

DC Comics

Written by Sean Lewis and Brandon Easton

Art by John Timms, Valentine del Landro and Cully Hamner

Colors by Gabe Eltaeb, Marissa Louise and Laura Martin

Letters by Dave Sharpe and Andworld Design

The Rundown: Jonathan Kent must find a way to rescue the city he loves and forge his own legacy as its protector.

Brain Cell’s ship is rocketing out of the solar system and it has both Metropolis and Jonathan in its clutches. As Jonathan fights to free the city, he is confronted by a nightmare designed specifically for him. The Superman of Metropolis must face the physical embodiment of his father throughout the ages. At the same time, Kara finds what they need to free the city and rushes to help her cousin before it’s too late.

Mister Miracle finds himself still trapped in the city with his Mother Box running low on power and an army or robot sentinels on his tail. As he fights off the robots, he discovers that there is a way to breach the barrier, but it might take more power than he has to do it.

With the city still trapped under glass, Guardian is in a race against time to save Jimmy Olsen from Honest Mary who has him tied to the globe of the Daily Planet is preparing to throw him off. In order to save Jimmy, Guardian will need to rely on some new allies to both equip him with what he needs as well as rally the people of the city.

The Story: The Jonathan Kent story was great. Lewis does a great job of making the story big in spectacle while also keeping it grounded in character. Jonathan’s personal journey is just as compelling as the external threat and using his father as a means of exploring Jonathan’s fears is a great narrative choice. The Mister Miracle story was good, but lacked any emotional connection to the character. The Guardian story does a great job of showcasing the city and its character.

The Art: Timms does a great job of bringing the sweeping cinematic action necessary for this story to life. Every page is filled with great details and action. Valentine del Landro does some good work with the keeping the visuals simple in the Mister Miracle story. Cully Hamner brings a great gritty look and feel to the Guardian story.

Future State Superman of Metropolis #2



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