Force Works 2020 #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Juanan Ramirez

Colors by Federico Blee and GURU-eFX

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: Force Works will have to team with one of their deadliest enemies if they have any way of stopping a Deathlok army and Ultimo.


With an army of Deathloks swarming the island and Ultimo threatening both the civilians and the rest of the world, Force Works will have to team up with MODOK if they have any chance of stopping both. Everyone on the team is hesitant, but MODOK convinces him that he is the only one that can bring down the giant robot if he can upgrade War Machine’s armor.

With the inhabitants of the island at risk and the rest of the world in danger, Rhodey agrees, but MODOK does what he does best and betrays the team to take command of Ultimo. As the team fights both UltiMODOK and his Deathlok army, they discover a way to stop them, but it might mean losing one of their own.

The Story: Matthew Rosenberg does a great job of bringing this story home with both humor and thrills. The character interactions and dialogue are incredibly fun. Rosenberg does a great job with MODOK and weaving both the interpersonal conflicts into the bigger story. An enjoyable story with a team dynamic that I would like to see again.

The Art: Juanan Ramirez does some excellent work in this issue. MODOK looks awesome and the action looks great as well. There is great energy throughout the artwork and it perfectly captures the mood and tone of the story.

Force Works 2020 #3




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