CTW80TH_Cv1Catwoman 80th Anniversary Super Special #1

DC Comics

Written by Paul Dini, Ann Nocenti, Tom King, Jeff Parker, Liam Sharp, Mindy Newell, Chuck Dixon, Will Pfeifer, Ram V and Ed Brubaker

Art by Emanuela Lupacchino, Robson Rocha, Mikel Janin, Jonathan Case, Liam Sharp, Lee Garbett, Pia Guerra, Fernando Blanco and Cameron Stewart

Inks by Mick Gray, Daniel Henriques and Danny Miki

Colors by Laura Allred, Alejandro Sanchez, Jordie Bellaire, Alex Sinclair, Steve Oliff, John Kalisz and FCO Plascencia

Letters by Saida Temofonte, Clayton Cowles, Wes Abbott, Tom Napolitano, Tom Orzechowski, Steve Wands and Gabriela Downie

CW_80th_Story 1_1

The Rundown: A series of shorts showcase the DC universe’s complicated cat burglar.

Skin the Cat – Selina goes after a mob hitman with a very specific fetish. A tight, fun story that is clever in its pacing and characterizations. Could definitely see this as an episode of the animated series with its twists and satisfying ending.

Now You See Me – A security guard catches Catwoman hiding something valuable and makes the mistake of trying to blackmail her for it. An entertaining look at Catwoman’s code and her ability to manipulate a situation. Amazing art from Robson Rocha.

Helena – The Bat and the Cat discover that they are about to have a little visitor and Selina is freaking out about what kind of mother she will be. At the same time, she fights with everything she has to keep from changing who she is. A brilliant story that speaks to Selina’s character, her past, her trauma and her heart.

The Catwoman of Earth – Catwoman pulls off her latest caper, but finds her escape interrupted by the approach of aliens bent on conquering the Earth. Catwoman will have to use all of her skills and wit to stop them. Fun, inventive and nostalgic in its story and storytelling.

A Cat of Nine Tales – A security guard gets the drop on Catwoman and the thief decides to give him a rundown of all the ways this will go badly for him. An inventive tale that is both charming and clever.

Little Bird – Catwoman, despite her rough exterior and persona, takes a personal interest in the sale of an item that belongs to one of the only people who made her feel like family. A sweet story that shows how complicated a character Catwoman is.

Born to Kiln – Selina makes her way to a ship to steal something incredibly valuable only to find herself in a fight against Clayface for the same item. Entertaining and well paced with great dialogue throughout. Loved the ending especially.

Conventional Wisdom – Selina finds herself as a guest of a convention showcasing her, Batman and the rest of the rogues gallery, but something isn’t right. I loved the way this story played out and kept its mystery right up to the end. Great reveal and resolution.

Addicted to Trouble – Selina and Maggie hit the road in an attempt to break through to Maggie but nothing seems to help until Selina begins to embrace who she is. The story is ok. It never really seems to go anywhere, but it is well done.

The Art of Picking A Lock – Catwoman is in a race against the clock to take down Joker’s goons in an attempt to rescue a friend. A good story overall, but felt like it needed more fleshing out to be great.


Catwoman 80th Anniversary Super Special #1




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