Flawed #3

Image Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Prenzy

Colors by Prenzy

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Gem finds herself dealing with a relentless assassin as danger mounts for her and her friends.

In the cities past, a young homeless girl finds herself being targeted by traffickers, but she is not without resources both with her own skills and the homeless man who defends her. In the present, she is one of the most lethal assassins in the city and is hunting Gem and her friends. After Gem escapes, the assassin returns to a consistently annoyed Higgs who wants results.

Gem and company pay a visit to her aunt looking for shelter and medical attention. Gem’s anger causes issues with her friends and family as well as she becomes more determined to bring an end to the skinwalker and everyone protecting him. At the same time, Detective Davis takes one step closer to finding out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Story: Brown continues to craft an engaging and entertaining story in this issue. The characters continue to be dynamic and I love how it expands the story by evolving its characters including the bad guys. I enjoy seeing Gem dealing with her anger as well as and what she will have to do to overcome it. I love the dynamic between her and her aunt and look forward to seeing how it evolves.

The Art: Prenzy delivers some beautifully detailed art throughout the issue. There are some fantastic action scenes throughout and I love the art style and how it brings out the intensity of the story and its characters.

Flawed #3



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