Flawed #2

Image Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Prenzy

Colors by Prenzy

Letters by Becca Carey

The Rundown: Dangerous men liberate a dangerous asset and Gem learns about a dark legend.

Detective Davis finds his latest case to be a lot more difficult when he has an encounter with the Bread Man who has killed a bunch of people in order to free the Skinwalker. At the same time, Gem interrogates her prisoner and discovers the truth about the killer and why he seemingly cannot die. A truth she will decide requires more information from another source.

After retrieving his cash cow, Higgs has a tense meeting with the families who decide to send an assassin to take out Gem while they wait for Skinwalker to heal. Gem pays a visit o a family member who might have some insight into what she’s facing. Unfortunately, it might be too late to save herself or her friend from what’s coming. 

The Story: A tense, engaging and entertaining story that does a great job of building the world of these characters. All of the characters are interesting and compelling in their own ways and the mystery unfolding within the series has me intrigued. Brown delivers some great thrills, surprises and humor throughout the issue and I’m excited to see what happens next.

The Art: Prenzy delivers on the tension and action of the story with art that is beautifully composed, exciting and visually thrilling. 

Flawed #2



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