The Flash

The CW

Season 4 Episode 8

Crisis on Earth X Part 3

The Flash, Green Arrow, Firestorm, Canary and Alex are trapped on Earth X in a concentration camp where they meet a mysterious prisoner who confesses to loving the wrong person before they are taken out of the camp to be executed by the Earth X version of Quentin Lance. As the heroes prepare to die, they are rescued by that world’s Snart. Kara meanwhile, is trapped in STAR Labs being lectured by Earth X Kara as the red sun drains her of her strength. Iris and Felicity are free and trying to free their friends trapped in the Labs cells.


On Earth X, the heroes have been rescued by The Ray and told about the means that brought them. As they try to plan a way to get into the facility to get home, a familiar face tells them that the device is going to be blown up. The heroes argue for trying to get more time to escape and Stein has a heart to heart with Jefferson. Sara has a heart to heart with Alex. The Ray and Snart share more than that and they agree to help the heroes return home.

As Thawne prepares to extract Kara’s heart, Felicity and Iris manage to shut down the power long enough to escape with Supergirl before Metallo shows up. On Earth X, Oliver and his team try a desperate gamble to enter the facility and run into Lance again and another familiar face that might cause Oliver to compromise his plan. As the heroes try to restart the device, Barry and Ray attempt to stop Red Tornado from destroying the entire facility.


The focus on building the action in this episode is done really well. There is a really emotional scene towards the end of the episode that is a gut check to fans of Legends. If there is one thing that the producers have gotten really good at is making the fight scenes and action sequences dramatic and this is no exception. I loved the Flash/Ray/ Red Tornado fight and it didn’t bother me that Supergirl seemed to be sidelined in this episode for the most part. It was a good way to give everyone else a moment to shine. Very well done episode and a great continuation of the story.



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