FLSFRWD_Cv3Flash Forward #3

DC Comics

Written by Scott Lobdell

Art by Brett Booth

Inks by Norm Rapmund

Colors by Luis Guerrero

Letters by Frank Tieri

The Rundown: Wally is on a new Earth searching for Dark Multiverse energy, but he’s going to discover something even darker lurking in the shadows.


On Earth 43, Wally finds himself trying to help a cruise ship full of humans attempting to escape Gotham City. When he rescues them and the ship they were on gets dumped onto a building, he discovers why.

On a planet where the Justice League has been turned into Vampires, Wally must fight versions of his friends including a Vampire Barry Allen. Fortunately, he won’t be fighting alone when Roy Harper shows up, but the pair will have a tougher battle ahead of them when Wally tracks the Dark energy to the source of the Vampire plague, Batman.

The Story: There is a lot to like conceptually about this issue. Vampire Justice League, Gotham under siege, the return of Roy Harper. All of these elements are interesting and engaging on their own. Unfortunately, this issue doesn’t give those elements enough time or appreciation to engage the reader. Scott Lobdell seems to be flying through this particular story to get to the conclusion and that’s a shame because this is the first issue in this series that has really peaked my interest. I know this is a story about a Flash, but this is the rare instance where the story would have had more impact if it were slowed down.

The Art: Booth’s art is fantastic. He took the fast moving tone and pace of this issue and ran with it (no pun intended). The characters are constantly on the move and there is a sense of energy and motion in the art itself as the story unfolds.

Flash Forward #3




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