BMSM_Cv4_acetate-3Batman Superman #4

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by David Marquez

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: With the Batman who Laughs talking to him from his prison beneath the Hall of Justice, Superman and Batman will face the fury of the Secret Six.


Blue Beetle has taken control of the Fortress of Solitude and Batman and Superman will find themselves in the fight of their lives when more members of the Secret Six finally make their appearance.

Working to escape from them, Superman reveals to the Dark Knight that he has a plan to trap them in the Fortress to prevent them from enacting the Batman who Laughs plan. A plan that will bring an object from the Dark Multiverse that will transform the world into the villains twisted vision.

As they fight back, some unexpected help arrives that could turn the tide of the battle. Unfortunately, that help is exactly what the Batman Who Laughs was counting on.

The Story: The Batman who Laughs continues to be an enduring menace and Joshua Williamson utilizes him to the fullest in this issue. Without being physically present, the character exudes danger, fear and evil through just his overall threat and that makes this issue and the story so well written and enjoyable. I love that Williamson can put Batman and Superman on the defensive in a meaningful way and give them tangible stakes to overcome. This is a great story that, even in its darkness, drew me in and made me want more.

The Art: David Marquez does some brilliant work with the design of the characters and how tense and beautiful the action is. The characters are expressive and the art is full of energy.

Batman Superman #4




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