I have been anticipating the new movie based on Stephen King’s best selling novel It since it was first announced. As much as I enjoyed the TV movie, there were moments that I knew they couldn’t portray on the screen and they probably did not have the time to show them in the format they were given. That being said, the first round of critics have weighed in on the remake and their response has been relatively positive.

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Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican wrote, “I think it’s one of the finest Stephen King adaptations ever made. Beyond killer clowns, It also delves into the grief & anger kids feel when they realize those who should love & protect them do the opposite. These are themes in King’s stories that filmmakers often ignore. But the best adaptations figure out they’re the most vital part.”

Erik Davis of Fandango calls it “creepy, bloody, super funny, adorably romantic and hands down among my favorite movies of the year.”

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Other critics took to Twitter to give their reactions to the film.

I don’t look to critics to make my movie decisions for me, but it is heartening to see that a horror movie is getting some positive reaction from critics. If you’ve seen the movie, let me know in the comments and I will have my review of It after it premieres September 8, 2017.

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