Ever since the live action Titans series was announced, fans were wondering who would play the key roles on the series. After casting was completed and announced, those same fans wanted to know what these actors would look like in their roles.


The first official image from the Titans series shows actor Brenton Thwaites in costume. The series is about Dick Grayson shedding the role of Robin to become Nightwing, so it is interesting that the first image we have of Thwaites is in his Robin costume. The costume was designed by Laura Jean Shannon who has worked on Iron Man and the upcoming CW series Black Lightning.

It will be interesting to see if the Robin suit is for the pilot or if he maintains the look until making the transition to Nightwing later in the series.

Titans is slated to launch in 2018 with the DC Comics digital streaming service from Warner Brothers. Let me know what you think of the costume in the comments below.


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