Firefly_002_A_MainFirefly #2

Boom! Studios

Written by Greg Pak

Art by Dan McDaid

Colors by Marcelo Costa

Letters by Jim Campbell

Mal and Zoe are wanted war criminals and that makes the caravan they’re guarding feel safer.

After the announcement that Mal and Zoe are wanted for war crimes, every mercenary and gang on the planet starts to think about the reward they could get for bringing them in. Not surprisingly, so does Jayne.


As Mal tries to think of what to do next, River begins to have a reaction that scares Simon. Mal continues to flashback to his time during the war in a series of increasingly violent visions. Zoe tries to reconcile her own actions as Wash refuses to let her tell him the truth.

When the caravan gets moving again, they are ambushed by one of the gangs and when Wash crashes the shuttle nearby with Inara and Kaylee aboard, things get more complicated. Everything culminates in some increasingly disturbing gun play between Zoe and Wash that neither of them suspected.

This was a fun and interesting issue. Greg Pak does a great job of giving each of these characters a moment that is relevant to both their interpersonal relationships and their place in this particular story. There is a sense that the secret that Mal and Zoe are hiding is a big one and there is some well done tension both in the dialogue and the action of this issue.

The art by Dan McDaid complements the story well. Everything looks great,especially the use of shadow in certain panels. I continue to be interested and engaged with this story and its art and I want to see where it goes next.

Firefly #2




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