Fear Case #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Matt Kindt

Art by Tyler Jenkins

Colors by Hilary Jenkins

The Rundown: The agents continue their investigation as the deaths surrounding the case continue to mount.

The Secret Service agents tracking the Fear Case find themselves on the trail of the latest victims mistress. Unfortunately, they are not the only ones on the hunt as they are being followed by men connected with another case. As they make their way to where the woman is staying, a horrifying scene gives them clues to where the case might have gone next.

After tracking down the latest victims relative, the agents find themselves both discussing the nature of the Fear Case as well as finding its next target. The agents get closer than they ever thought to the case itself, but there might be more to their investigation than they thought.

The Story: The mystery at the heart of this series continues to be compelling in its second issue. Kindt has hooked me into wanting to learn more about the Fear Case and what it is as well as the characters on the hunt for it. Kindt has crafted an immersive world in this series and every emerging question and mystery has me wanting to know more.

The Art: Tyler Jenkins delivers some impressive visuals in this issue. The art is very stylized to showcase the characters and the noir nature of the story. A great looking issue with some visceral moments that are surprising.

Fear Case #2



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