America Chavez: Made In the USA #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Kalinda Vazquez

Art by Carlos Gomez

Color by Jesus Aburtov

Letters by VC’s Travis Lanham

The Rundown: America Chavez and the West Coast Avengers defend L.A. and New York from destructive enemies.

When L.A. is under attack by oversized monsters, America Chavez and two West Coast Avengers step in to help. After an accident occurs, she confesses a secret to her love interest. When she is alerted to trouble in New York she rushes off to help and is met by someone unexpected. Throughout the story, flashbacks of America’s youth are featured. At the end, a mysterious new enemy is revealed.

The Story: Kalinda Vazquez has created a compelling story that delves into America’s origin. And while it has a good bit of action, I am most excited about the character development. The family dynamics are interesting, and I want to know more about her current foe. I also think it’s awesome that Marvel is providing more diverse content. America’s family is of Puerto Rican descent and the content surrounding her family reflect that beautifully. We also get a peak into her same sex relationship and the care that is put into it. This is a well-done introductory issue, and I am excited to learn more about this character.

The Art: Carlos Gomez uses detailed drawings with expressive faces. This is highlighted by Jesus Aburtov’s choice of brilliant, and rich colors. It’s a visually appealing issue that emotionally draws you further into the story.

America Chavez: Made In the USA #1



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