Far Sector #6

DC Comics

Written by N.K Jemisin

Art by Jamal Campbell

Letters by Deron Bennett

The Rundown: Lantern Mullein will discover that there is a darker secret in the Far Sector than she could have imagined.

Jo finds herself unclear of what to do in the aftermath of the riots and the funerals. As she tries to deal with a society cut off from emotions and the violence spreading because some want to embrace them, she is becoming more aware of the loneliness of her situation. It doesn’t help that the man responsible for firing on the protesters has come to her door seeking her understanding, sympathy and more.


In the aftermath of a night she would like to forget, Jo is contacted by someone who needs her help. Someone who sounds like they don’t have much time left. After rushing to the location, Lantern Mullein will discover that an ancient enemy is ready to make a devastating return.

The Story: As interesting as the plot and characters are, I found it difficult to get into this issue. It’s pace was a little too slow and dialogue was meandering at times. An introspective Mullein is fine, but the Marth interlude was too long and predictable. The story is redeemed at the end of the issue with a final that makes me want to see what happens next, but this issue took too long to get to the ultimate point.

The Art: Jamal Campbell delivers some beautiful, atmospheric visuals. The character moments are framed perfectly and the reader becomes immersed in the details of those moments. There is a grace and fluidity to the panels and that is nowhere more evident than in the action scenes at the end of the issue.


Far Sector #6




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