Batman Superman #9

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Clayton Henry

Colors by Alejandro Sanchez

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: The death of a former enemy will bring Superman and Batman together to solve a bigger mystery.


A dead body on the beach will be the least of the GCPD’s problems when Atomic Skull takes to the streets trying to outrun the officers in pursuit. When Batman comes on the scene, he tries to reason with the reformed villain and Skull gives him an ominous warning before exploding and taking out most of the area.

Superman is trying to have a quiet evening with his wife, but that becomes more difficult after his revealing his secret identity to the world. When he hears the explosion coming from Gotham, he springs into action in time to save Batman. As the two dive into the investigation of what Skull was trying to warn them about, two unlucky officers will come upon the layer of an old enemy with a devastating plan.

The Story: There is an entertaining and familiar structure to this issue and that is what makes it work. Williamson does a great job of setting up the conflict, the characters and the cliffhanger with a plot that justifies the two characters working together. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue between the two characters, but the moments between Clark and Lois are engaging. I want to see where this arc goes next.

The Art: Clayton Henry does a really good job with the art in this issue. The characters look good and the action is given some grand scope that works well with the story.

Batman Superman #9




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