With the recent announcement that director Ava DuVernay has brought in DC Comics writer Tom King to co-write the upcoming New Gods film for Warner Brothers, this week’s Fancast Friday will look at my dream cast for a possible Mister Miracle solo film that could follow if New Gods is a success.

(Big Barda)

Gwendolyn Christie is my choice to take on the role of former Female Fury and Mister Miracle’s warrior spouse and partner Big Barda. Her beauty, strength and height all make her the perfect and obvious choice. The former Game of Thrones star has proven since her first appearance that she can take on physically demanding roles as well as wear the hell out of a suit of armor.

(Mister Miracle)

Orlando Bloom has the perfect mixture of physicality, acting chops and charm to take on the role of escape artist and hero Scott Free aka Mister Miracle. His roles in the Pirates of the Caribbean series as well as Lord of the Rings make him a great choice.


Danny DeVito is my choice to take on the role of Scott Free’s mentor and manager Oberon. DeVito has the gravitas and humor needed to play a character that has to deal with Scott’s desire to push the envelope with more intricate and dangerous escapes.

(Granny Goodness)

Jessica Lange could be an inspired choice to take on the villainous role of Granny Goodness. Raising and manipulating the orphans of Apokalips to be both loyal and fearful of her requires an actor that can be charming, disarming and menacing at the same time. Lange’s characters on multiple seasons of American Horror Story are the perfect example of her range.


Josh Lucas is my choice to play Scott’s adoptive half-brother and son of Darkseid Orion. The hero has a dark side that he struggles against in order to be the greatest warrior on New Genesis. Glory Road and Hulk star Josh Lucas could be interesting to see in the role as a foil for Scott Free.


Eva Green is my choice to take on the role of the most ruthless of Granny Goodness’ Female Furies. Jealous of Barda and eager to lead, Lashina will stop at nothing to destroy Barda, Scott and anyone who gets in her way. Eva Green could bring the perfect mixture of charm and menace to the role from her performances in series like Penny Dreadful and films like Casino Royale and Dark Shadows.


Aubrey Plaza is my choice take on the role of co-leader of the Female Furies and sister of Darkseid’s loyal servant Desaad. Bernadeth is cold, calculating and only happy when she’s causing pain. Plaza can definitely pull off that cold, sarcastic menace.

(Mad Harriet)

Lizzy Caplan is my choice to take on the most ferocious, violent and unpredictable member of the Female Furies. Caplan has shown she can take on different types of characters in films like The Interview, The Disaster Artist and her upcoming role of Annie Wilkes in the next season of Castle Rock.


The lord of Apokolips is the biggest threat in the universe and his plans for Scott will lead to war with New Genesis. Based on his size and presence, Darkseid should be a CGI character with an amazing voice. Brooklyn 99 star Andre Braugher has the gravitas and presence to voice the role.

Something he has already done in the animated world where he voiced Darkseid for Superman/Batman Apocalypse.

Let me know who you would cast in a possible Mister Miracle movie in the comments below.

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