So there are now two competing Jetsons projects in the works as of this Fancast Friday.


Warner Animation Group has brought in Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon to helm a new animated Jetsons movie. Back to the Future Trilogy director and legend Robert Zemeckis has been brought in to oversee a live action Jetsons sitcom for ABC. In the spirit of the Fancast, I have decided to cast the live action Jetsons series and I invite you to submit your choices as well.

George Jetson


George is the loveable goof ball patriarch of the future family. When he’s not being berated by his boss, he’s doing his best to raise and provide for his wife and kids. My pick for George would be a perfect blend of comedic energy and everyman appeal. My pick is Ed Helms. The former Daily Show correspondent has made the turn to acting on the big and small screen with his roles in The Hangover movies, his stint on The Office and in the Vacation remake.

Jane Jetson


Jane is George’s wife and the family matriarch. She normally had a laid back attitude and spent most of her time trying to keep George from doing anything too goofy. Jane should be a strong and supportive character and a counterpart to George so that the relationship seems genuine. The perfect actress for Jane would be Judy Greer. She is another comedian who can play both broad comedy and straight person. She has been on the big screen in films like Jurassic World and Ant-Man as well as creating unforgettable characters on shows like Arrested Development and Archer.

Judy Jetson


The Jetson’s teenage daughter should be able to pull of both innocence as well as a wild streak. She should also have the comedic timing a sitcom would require. I think Debby Ryan from the Disney Channel show Jesse would be a good fit for the character.

Elroy Jetson


The Jetson’s youngest child should be the angst ridden boy genius who is not only wise beyond his years, but should be the most emotionally mature person in the entire household. I can think of no other child actor that could pull that off then Jacob Tremblay from Room and the upcoming film Wonder.



The family’s robot maid, Rosie is the heart and soul of the family. Often finding herself in the role of confidant and voice of reason, Rosie spends more time cleaning up the Jetson’s mistakes than their house. I think the perfect comedic foil for the family would be Leslie Jones as the voice of a CGI Rosie.




Astro is the family dog and while he is usually depicted as a pseudo Scooby-Doo clone, Astro could be much more. In the tradition of Brian from Family Guy, Astro should be a friend to Elroy and the wisest person in the house. I think Patton Oswalt would be perfect as the voice of Astro. His wit and cynicism would be perfect for the character.

What are your choices for The Jetsons? Do you think it should be animated or live action? Let me know in the comments below.

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