As the next issue of Scott Snyder’s love letter to the DC Comics universe gets closer to release, DC Comics is giving fans a look at the threats that the Justice League, and specifically Batman, will face in this event series.



According to Snyder himself and other sources, the leader of the Batmen from the Dark Multiverse is a twisted version of the Dark Knight called The Batman who Laughs. For anyone who held the theory that Batman and Joker were flip sides of the same coin, The Batman who Laughs might be their worst nightmare. It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether this version of Batman is Bruce Wayne or the Joker, but visually he is frightening.


This version of Batman also has a Robin, four in fact. It’s unclear as to who they are, but they are equally as disturbing to look at. The Batman who Laughs will make his debut in Dark Nights: Metal #2 on September 13th and his “Boy Wonders” will burst onto the scene in part one of the “Gotham Resistance” storyline in Teen Titans #12 the same day. The Batman who Laughs #1 will be a one shot issue due out November 15th.


What are your theories on The Batman who Laughs plans for Gotham, the Justice League and Batman himself? Let me know in the comments.

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